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Book Club Questions

Bearly Departed_Meg Macy

Questions to Help Discussion of Bearly Departed

1. Why does Sasha Silverman manage her family's teddy bear shop and factory, when she might have chosen a high-powered career instead?

2. What makes the town of Silver Hollow unique? Can you tell where it's set in the U.S.? Does the author give enough clues and details?

3. What really makes Will Taylor, the company sales rep, tick? What secrets did he have that led to his murder?

4. Sasha and Maddie's Uncle Ross becomes the prime suspect. Who else may have had good reason to want Will Taylor dead? Why?

5. Do Sasha and Maddie get along as sisters? Is there any hint of darker things - jealousy, envy, or discord - between them? 

6. Teddy bears are sweet and cuddly toys for children - or are they also for adults? How did they become involved in a murder mystery? How do you feel about people "corrupting" such things?

Bear Witness to Murder_Meg Macy
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