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What Reviewers Are Saying

"Despite the subtitle, this is not just a shamelessly adorable mystery series. Yes, there are ample descriptions of teddy bear events, teddy bear lore, and even teddy pastries to delight any toy aficionado. However, it also blends together very real, well-developed characters with the very topical challenges that face small businesses. There is a surprisingly dark thread of crime running through Silver Hollow, and Sasha solving the crime will mean learning as much about her town as her family. Even as Sasha takes it upon herself to track down social media-backed alibis and motives, the mystery remains unsolvable until the very end." 

– Kings River Life

“The first in a new series features a complex plot awash in red herrings, a perky heroine whose many problems are certain to blossom in future installments, and everything you ever wanted to know about teddy bears.”

– Kirkus Reviews

“Macy, half of the D.E. Ireland team, launches an engaging series filled with charming details about stuffed animals.  The appealing, impulsive amateur sleuth, dedicated to the family business, will appeal to fans of character-driven cozies.”     – Library Journal

“Information on retails business and, in particular, on the manufacturing of teddy bears is woven throughout this satisfying cozy.”  

– Booklist


“Sasha Silverman, the narrator of Macy’s entertaining first novel and series launch, runs her family’s teddy bear business, the Silver Bear Shop and Factory, in Silver Hollow Michigan, an idyllic small town filled with excellent eateries and eccentric shops—inhabited by quirky, fully developed characters and good dogs and cats.”   – Publishers Weekly

"Teddy bears and murder may not usually go together, but in this case they make a cute start to the new Teddy Bear Mystery series. Sasha proves to be a delightful protagonist — family-oriented, compassionate and charming. The mystery is well-plotted ...  A town full of colorful suspects add to the wit and overall quirkiness."      – RT Reviews

What Bloggers are Saying...

"Fans of new cozy series and cuddly teddy bears will find this book simply charming!  Macy’s characters are solidly portrayed and her details of teddy bear production make you feel like you’re getting a personal tour of the Silverman’s factory.  No doubt about it, it’s hard not to fall in love with the cuteness of teddy bears sprinkled with a few dashes of murder!" – Wonder Women Sixty

"... a delightfully charming debut ... a wonderful story with a comfortable tone and a steady pace that fit the tempo of this lighthearted whodunit. The narrative was visually descriptive putting me in the middle of all the action."  – Dru's Book Musings

"Cozy mysteries are, most often, fun reads that are set in quaint towns with charming protagonists. BEARLY DEPARTED... clearly takes the award for the most adorable premise and cover I've seen!"  

Cinnamon Sugar and a Little Bit of Murder Reviews

"... a fabulous read. The Silver Bear Shop and Factory sounds like such a fun place ... Meg Macy has penned a wonderful debut for this series. It checks all my boxes for an absolutely perfect escape. I can “bearly” wait for my next visit to Silver Hollow. Bear Witness to Murder will be released in 2018."           – Dollycas Reviews

"The mystery kept me interested. I was completely stumped on the killer and was surprised when it was revealed."   – Bookworm Cafe

"Since I live in SE Michigan, I’m very familiar with the area that Ms. Macy used in the book … It was kind of neat to see the things that she included and what she mixed around for originality ..."   – Valerie's Musings

"... a lovely cozy with multiple suspects and motives. The suspects are well written and lively, with just enough of a hint of underlying motives to keep the reader guessing ... readers who enjoy getting to know a cast of characters will find themselves delighted."  – The Cozy Review

"Bearly Departed gets four out of five from me because the scene setting and character development is spot on, and the mystery kept me guessing right till the end."   – Mostly In Pyjamas

"Loved the setting and suspense and first time in awhile I was pleased with who the victim was. I don't often "root" for someone to "murder" a character in a story but I will say I had a sigh of relief with this one. I love the idea of the Bear shop and all the wonderful small town charm this cozy offers."  – A Cup of Tea and a Cozy Mystery

"Few things bring up the warm fuzzes for most people like teddy bears.  So this isn’t a subject you would automatically think of for murder, but maybe it should be... Despite this book being labeled “Shamelessly Adorable” there is a very serious side... with a bit more gravity to it than some others."  

Carstairs Considers

"Bearly Departed is a charming debut, about family and community. Cozy mystery readers who appreciate family connections might want to try Macy's new book."  – Lesa's Book Critiques

"Meg Macy creates a wonderful sense of place in BEARLY DEPARTED. I am able to clearly see myself walking the hot and, too humid for me, streets of Silver Hollow, Michigan. I love going on factory tours and I adore plushies ... The characters are varied with more than one villainous citizen residing in and around this quaint community."  – Cozy Up With Kathy

"This was an amazing first in series. I really liked the characters, and the teddy bears were just adorable. The ending surprised me, and it was also a little more bittersweet than I was expecting. I definitely can't wait for the next book."  – Polished Nails and Puppy Dog Tails

"One of the best First in a New Series I have been privileged to review. It will be a series to watch, with the unique town, characters and teddy bears. Trust me you will curl up and cuddle this mystery like it was your teddy bear."  – Bibliophile Reviews

"I was right there in the factory, watching the bears come to life ... I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery."

– MJB Reviews

"I’m a sucker for a good cozy. The drama keeps things interesting and leaves you never quite knowing what will happen next. No man emerges for Sasha in this installment and I found that to be an interesting twist. I like that she is standing tall and making a go of things on her own ...Order a pizza, blow off dinner, and get lost in this book."  – A Cozy Experience

"How wonderful would it be to run a business where your efforts made children smile?  And the fact that the business had been started by Sasha's grandfather and which had stayed in the family for three generations would make the whole experience even more special..." – Back Porchervations

"Two things I love are teddy bears and cozy mysteries, so what could go better together than those two things!  This one did not disappoint me either.  It kept my attention from the very beginning and kept me guessing till the end."  – Melina's Book Blog

"Definitely a fabulous new book series that pulls you in and won't let go until the last page is turned.  Who would have thoughts bears could be so intriguing for young and old!" – Community Bookstop

What Other Authors Are Saying...

“You’ll fall in love with this delightful debut mystery.” —Victoria Thompson, bestselling author of the Gaslight Mysteries

"Teddy bears​,​ quaint shops​, ​and murder! Bearly Departed is​ stuffed with everything cozy mystery readers crave." 

Leigh Perry, The Family Skeleton Series

“A twisty mystery tale with a likable protagonist and a colorful supporting cast. Sure to be a very enjoyable series!” —Livia J. Washburn, bestselling author of the Fresh Baked Mysteries

“Cute and cuddly on the outside, murder and mayhem on the inside—I love this book!!! Totally adorable.”—Duffy Brown, bestselling author of the Cycle Path Mysteries

“The bears in Meg Macy’s new series may be soft and squishy but when a murder strikes at the Silver Bear Factory, Sasha Silverman has to quickly stitch together whodunit. Tightly plotted and stuffed with suspects, Macy’s furry tale will keep you guessing until the very end. Curl up with something cozy for the perfect weekend read!” —Kate Dyer-Seeley, author of the Pacific Northwest Mysteries  

"A fresh, new, first-in-series book you'll want to pick up for the sheer enjoyment of it all. A fun setting in a teddy bear shop that's touted as "shamelessly adorable"--which it is, especially with Rosie the dog along--but it is also a well thought out and plotted tale of intrigue."  —Eleanor Cawood Jones, author of A Baker's Dozen and Death Is Coming to Town

~~~~~~~MORE BLOGGERS~~~~~~~


"Talk about cozy! How cozier can a mystery get than one set in a teddy bear factory, and stuffed with furry goodness? I enjoyed the way BEARLY DEPARTED started off. In the teddy bear store, and then with a tour of the teddy bear factory ... author Macy sent me on  a winding, twisting conveyer belt ride of suspects and clues."

– Lisa K's Book Reviews

"A clever who-done-it, Bearly Departed kept me entertained and engaged in the story. Meg Macy delivered a well-written story with a unique setting in a fictional small town in southeast Michigan ... The characters and situations were believable and the pacing of the story was steady."                     – Sleuth Cafe

"There are suspects galore, and it seems like everyone has his or her own secret for Sasha to discover. This was a fun entry into a new series, and I’m already looking forward to book number two.    – The Book's The Thing

"Meg Macy did not disappoint! ... I thoroughly enjoyed this cute and fun cozy mystery. Sasha is a smart sleuth and I liked following her through this mystery. This mystery had everything I love about cozies: a great lead character, a puzzling mystery, several viable suspects, and it kept me guessing until the end." – Brooke Blogs

"The minute I saw the cover, I knew I had to read the book.  What can I say? I adore teddy bears. There is something so comforting about them ... I thought the author did a fabulous job of detailing the different bears and how they are made."     – Texas Book-aholic

"As someone who collects teddy bears, and has for years, the idea of this series was near and dear to my heart ... who can resist all of those adorable bears? The murder mystery is very well developed and keeps readers guessing all the way through." – Book Babble

"This was a terrific first installment of a new series ... I am sure I am not the only reader who wishes she could pop online and pick up a teddy bear. Meg Macy has written a small town atmosphere with a modern day vibe and while shop names may be cutesy there is very little cliche here ... quite an enjoyable read with lots of false trails and red herrings to keep the readers fully engaged."

 – I Read What You Write

" had to read this one since I love teddy bears ... I just delved in and couldn’t put it down. Sasha is a wonderful, strong amateur sleuth. Her determination is admirable.
The setting is perfect for a cozy mystery - teddy bear shop in a small town. Very cute and sweet."

– Socrates' Book Reviews

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