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Series Inspiration

What does it take to write a book?

I've collected bears ever since visiting London and buying Paddington. Of course, I'd read Milne's Winnie the Pooh books  as a child and loved them; I also adored Corduroy and Little Bear books and read them to my daughter.


So, when I needed an idea for a cozy mystery series, I looked up the Chelsea Teddy Bear Shop and Factory. Friends of mine had toured it; I wanted to, but found they'd SOLD the business and moved to Missouri! Augh! However, I did have a Chelsea bear, very soft, very sweet, and decided I could re-imagine a whole new village with a teddy bear shop and factory all my own. I hope readers come to love Silver Hollow as much as I love writing these books.

Chelsea Sign.jpg

Not only was this an adorable sign, but a patch of sweet lavender was growing under it! The best of both worlds...

chelsea largest teddy.jpg
chelsea teddy bear shop.jpg

The above photo is of the factory -- now long gone -- but it looked adorable back then! And I love that bear statue, too...

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