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2018 - Let It Snow!

Happy New Year!

It's 2018, and I just finished sending my page proofs for BEAR WITNESS TO MURDER, coming in late May of this year from Kensington Books. Here's the cover -- click here to PRE-ORDER!

What's the book about? Well, it has some fun events in Silver Hollow, like the Oktobear Fest -- kicking off with Sasha and Maddie's Cran-beary Tea Party at a new tea room in the village. There's also Bears on Parade -- the bears are resin and fiberglass sculptures, painted and decorated, which don't parade around, since the visitors do the parading. Maddie's design was chosen, The Polka Bear, along with several other artists including Sasha's new flame, woodcarver Jay Kirby.

But of course, there's also mayhem and murder! Sasha's rival from high school, Holly Parker, brings a heap of trouble to the village -- and like the poor bear on the cover, Sasha's peaceful world tumbles. While cozy mysteries always end with justice, murder still takes its toll on everyone.

Don't miss out on Sasha Silverman's latest adventure in the Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear cozy mysteries!

So what is next on my writing schedule? Since I'm also one-half of the D.E. Ireland team, my friend and I will be returning to With a Little Bit of Blood which is coming out this April. Yes, you heard that right! We're almost halfway through, and it should be another great historical mystery featuring the clever Eliza Doolittle and the irascible Professor Higgins as an amateur sleuthing team.

So far, TWO books in that series have been nominated for Agatha Awards -- book 1, Wouldn't It Be Deadly, and Get Me to the Grave On Time, book 3. We're hoping book 4 will entertain fans with a fun "country estate" romp that includes intrigue, murder, and mystery in late 1913.

If you're like me and love G.B. Shaw's Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, where we take his fascinating characters and extend them into a historical mystery series, check out our books by clicking here.

So if you're not enjoying the cold, snowy, frigid January weather, stay warm by curling up to a cozy fireplace with a few good books! I'll be reading a few MONK books by author Hy Conrad, Old Scores by Will Thomas, and several cozies on my Kindle. Whatever you do this winter, STAY WARM!


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