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Where did the year go? Seems we all get so busy that we look up, and whoa! It's Thanksgiving?? When did that happen - and Christmas bumps up right after. I'm still figuring out how fall disappeared so fast...

Michigan ended up with early snow - almost ten inches! Pretty, but I'm glad it's finally melting now that normal 40 degree temps (for November) have returned. That was too soon. Here's a photo from my sunroom.

The photo on the right is after the snow stopped! Poor birds - I had to refill the feeders and knock snow off them, toss peanuts out for those pesky squirrels who clearly didn't prepare soon enough. And what did they do? Bury the nuts in the snow. Ha! Guess they'll rebury them soon.

So Christmas is coming - and my Christmas-themed book is already out! HAVE YOURSELF A BEARY LITTLE MURDER released at the end of September. Hmm. I wonder if I jinxed the weather.

And I finished Book 4, Wedding Bear Blues, which will come out sometime in 2020. Not sure yet, have not heard much about that one. Here's a tip - keep checking my FACEBOOK page (Meg Macy Author) over the next week or so, because I'm doing "12 Bears of Christmas" again this year - with small bears as the giveaways! Plus a grand prize including ALL THREE of my books!

Have a wonderful holiday season - catch you later in 2020!

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