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Stories Save

Is storytelling really that important? Do you share more than a quick "hey, how was your day?" with your kids? With friends? With family?

Yes, storytelling is much more than a simple answer of "It was good." That reminds me of urging young children in elementary school, when they began writing, to think beyond "I like ice cream." What do you like about ice cream? What does it taste like, hot or cold? What's your favorite flavor? Expanding on simple stories is important -- and redemptive in a way. Stories save us from a bland life.

You don't have to write things down - just share around the table. While driving in the car, or tackling a few household chores or projects. "Did I ever tell you about..." is a good starter.

Ever sit in front of the TV and enjoy a half hour sitcom? An hour-long drama after a long day at work? Sure, we all need a bit of down time. But someone wrote that story. Think Hallmark - those stories are grounded in someone's experiences. Maybe the Walking Dead isn't, given there are no zombies, but the writers may have added a bit of their own fears and hopes, challenges, etc.

Long ago, I chose to start writing and incorporate my experiences into fictional stories. But I also love to pass down memories of stories my parents told me, or of grandparents, little tidbits which add up to a fuller life. Maybe they won't last more than a few generations. But they will enrich our children's and grandchildren's lives, or with anyone that we choose to share. Take the opportunity, whenever possible, to share something fun or memorable from your life. You might inspire them to share in turn.

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